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One woman operation...

I'm sorry that my studio wasn't open when you needed it to be. I'm sorry that you missed the schedule on my door for that month. I'm sorry that I was injured and couldn't open the studio as I couldn't walk or move my leg. I'm sorry that I could not produce that piece of jewelry you wanted as it was by a different artist and you wanted it cheaper as I have a moral obligation to not do that. I'm sorry that I am not a major jewelry store, discount store, or mass producer so you can get the price down to a comfortable level for you.

I'm sorry that I can't be those things for you.

Sometimes as an owner, producer, quality inspector, social media marketing specialist (still in training), shipping and handling personnel, blogger, accountant, runner, office cleaner, metal scrapper, window design, etc., I forget that I need to always smile and hide my tired eyes and weary bones from everyone that comes to my studio, send emails or messages through social media that convey happiness and the willingness to serve.

But that can only be done for so long. My work consumes at times almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during peak times.

I am a by hand producer which means my hands (and only my hands) touch everything you see on my website, in my studio or the items on my table at that art festival you visited.

Everything I do takes time.

I keep it that way as I want that piece to be special for the wearer. Sometimes during show season, I get maybe 4-5 hours of sleep making the things, designing the things, quality inspecting every little thing that you maybe can't see and scheduling shows or pop ups so you can see me at your favorite outdoor event.

Art Show and Pop Up scheduling

I have 2 jobs. The one you see at my business and the other you don't. I also have a home to take care of. That's my other you see, I'm a busy person.

So please understand, when I can't be there, be who you want me to be, or have emergencies outside of my control that take me away from my work or my studio.

I'm a one woman operation. For now, I can only do what my mind and my physical abilities will allow me to do. Even I have to take time to regroup, relax, heal and Regrow that artistic spirit inside me.

Cassey Harrell

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