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Welcome!  I'm Cassey-the designer/maker of the jewelry behind Charrell Designs!  I am an artistic jewelry artist, located in the Rocket City, Huntsville, Alabama.

"Growing up, I always had an affinity for making things.  I watched my grandmother make quilts or sew and found it absolutely fascinating.  Making things by hand, sewing, creating and learning how to repair every day things around the home from my brothers, instilled in me, a tinkerer.  I don't fancy myself a jeweler.  I am a creator of jewelry pieces, some of which have won awards at shows from Panoply in 2016 and at the Hermitage in 2017.  I find it thrilling to make things whether it be jewelry, quilts, crochet or from paper."

While our city is all about the mission to the stars, here at Charrell Designs, My mission is to offer an experience in high customer service focused on you and your needs.  We provide collections that are simply designed, contemporary with a bit of southern elegance.  We want our pieces to fit every day life and sophisticated for those evening social events!  

I believe in preserving traditional jewelry making methods but also reaching outside the box to bring those pieces to life.  #madeintheusa and #southernmaker is something I pride myself on about each piece that comes from my hands.  I hope that you will take a few minutes to explore my work and seek to find the pieces that speak to you or tell your own unique story.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Until we meet again-


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